Collection: HEETS Dubai

Looking for the ultimate modern technology smoking device called IQOS Heets, then you have reached the right place to buy IQOS HEETS Dubai at the Vapes House. Heets is already a well-known IQOS  electronic smoking device in the UAE. Even the Heets has gained a huge fan base in IQOS Dubai smokers.


The one of globally reputed tobacco companies Philip Morris International (PMI) introduced the model of a heated tobacco device. And after a certain time, the IQOS expanded to over 40 countries all over the world.

The IQOS is a heating system tobacco device where the consumer tastes the nicotine by heating the tobacco wrapped on a special paper; it's called the heat sticks. The IQOS is a tobacco heating device, rather than burning it.

Which is less risk-free or a better alternative than smoking cigarettes and vaping. Without fire, ash, and cigarette smoke it provides the real taste of tobacco with less smell. Even IQOS has an average of 95% lower toxic chemicals compared to cigarettes. The IQOS HEETS Dubai is fulfilling the craving of  UAE consumers.

What type of device is IQOS Heets Dubai?

Primarily, the IQOS is divided into two parts; one is the heating device and the other is the tobacco stick which means heat sticks. The IQOS is for people who want to quit the traditional smoking and try a new modern way of smoking with different flavors. The heat sticks come with many flavors and have a perfect blend of a decent percentage of nicotine by avoiding the maximum toxic chemicals. Heets Dubai gives you a great opportunity to try unlimited flavors.

Note- After using the IQOS device you have to clean it and reuse your device. And, in one device you can try every type of heets flavor. But remember, the IQOS heets sticks are shorter than the regular cigarette sticks.

Some similar features of HEETS

  • The modern technology smoking device.
  • All the products are flavorful and blended with tobacco.
  • Holds 0.5 mg of nicotine.
  • Easily to use and can be carried anywhere.
  • Less risk than other tobacco products.
  • The worth of money to buy IQOS HEETS.

Most popular Heets flavors in Dubai-

The aim of Vapes House is to collect and provide all the latest and demanded smoking products of the Dubai smoking community’s people.  On this commitment, the Vapes House always updates its products. But some products are the most wanted and have to always be available on the storage list for our honorable customers. Those heets names are – Heets amber, Heets turquoise, Heets silver, Heets yellow. Mostly the Heet Dubai consumers or Heets Abu Dhabi consumers, those four flavors are more than enough to make you feel in love with the IQOS UAE collection.

The best Heets UAE collection of VapesHouse-  

  • Best heets- Yellow selection.
  • Best heets- purple selection.
  • Best heets- Turquoise selection.
  • Best heets- Silver selection.
  • Best heets- Amber selection.

Let’s know about those Heets IQOS in detail now - 

Best heets- Yellow selection – The heets yellow is for people of love to smoke light and also like to taste an after flavour. On the collection of yellow selection, the flavor is soft and smooth, while being citrus flavor with a subtle. But still being a light flavor the Heets Yellow has a great well-balanced tobacco flavor, which provides the satisfaction of smoking to smokers. Especially, it’s a great option for all-day-long smoking for UAE citizens. For being a smooth light flavoury option, the Heets Yellow is the first choice for the Dubai IQOS smokers.   

Best heets- purple selection –  Whenever we talk about the heets purple, that means we are talking about an exclusive experience of smoking. Mainly the heets purple is the flavor of blueberry but the specially of the heets purple is that it’s a crispy menthol cooling flavor, which has a combination of mellow blended tobacco.    

After smoking the heets purple, the flavor will instantly hit your mouth and will stay for a long time. Mosly the heets purple holds a percentage of 0.5mg nicotine. With the cooling taste sensation, you also taste the tobacco which is guaranteed. The Heets Purple counts has one of the best and next-level flavor smoking options on Dubai.

Best heets- Turquoise selection – The heets turquoise category has many options; but the actual flavor of heets turquoise is smooth menthol flavour. With its freshening cooling menthol flavor, it has a blend of toasted tobacco with 0.5mg of authentic nicotine. The Heets turquoise is the lightest smoking flavor of Heating strikes.

Heets turquoise helps a person to make a refreshing mind and mouth, and keep their mood good. Where the heets turquoise flavour is cooling, the aroma is also soft. For that, it will provide you with a great aura after smoking.

Best heets- Silver selection – The heets silver is mild, balanced toasted tobacco with a light aroma of subtle herbal notes. With the 0.5mg nicotine, the heets sliver is far away from menthol, citrus, or berry additives. It smells less than a regular cigarette but gives a light soft aroma that smells like perfume. The Heets Silver is known for its rich flavor to the Heets Dubai smokers.

Note – the Heets Silver is less harmful than a regular cigarette but good enough to be called an addictive IQOS heat stick.

Best heets- Amber selection – While other options come in the collection of light

flavor; heets amber comes directly opposite of all of them. It’s a strong-flavor smoking solution. People who quit traditional smoking and switched to heated smoking solutions, those people have fallen in love with the heets amber. The heets amber also has the same percent nicotine of 0.5mg but the flavor is the game changer here. It has a woody aroma with roasted tobacco; added mild nutty notes, and gives a strong flavor bloom in every inhalation.

Many people refuse to change their heets flavor after trying the heets amber. The consumers of Heets Abu Dhabi, UAE are increasing day by day.

Why choose Vapes House?     

We are the authentic seller of IQOS devices and heat sticks; in our store, we do our best to provide all the smoking products. With the fast-increasing demand for IQOS Heets Dubai, the Vapes House is the best of the table exactly what you want. Our fast-responding service and within-hours delivery system are one of the best smoking device sellers in Dubai, UAE.