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Heets - Turquoise Selection

Heets - Turquoise Selection

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Products highlights 

  • Fresh menthol cooling flavor.
  • Has the lightest flavor in the IQOS category.
  •  Can enjoy at least 14 puffs per stick.
  • Shorter stick than regular tobacco sticks.
  • Six minutes of smoking session pleasure.

Overview –                   

The IQOS Turquoise selection is a regular IQOS solution similar to others once. But the smell does not stay too long and gives a cooling mint menthol flavor after smoke.

It can be inhaled by using the regular IQOS device. Following the other Heets sticks, it also comes as the IQOS turquoise selection 20 sticks per pack.                                                                           

Flavor –

The IQOS Turquoise selection is a menthol smoking experience. The tobacco is toasted blended lightly and provides a crisp menthol cooling sensation while smoking.

Note – The Turquoise selection is the highest light IQOS flavor of mellow menthol. Mostly for the beginner IQOS smokers.

Aroma –

Has the most wonderful zesty aroma of IQOS smoking. It made the auro refreshing and calm.

Reason to choose us –

Buy Heets turquoise selection from the Vapes House to get the authentic and premium quality product at a reasonable price now. We have the largest collection of IQOS products in our online store.

Heets Turquoise Selection Price - Dhs.89.00 AED

  • Delivery –

The fastest delivery system is within 2 hours in Dubai and 24 hours outside of Dubai.

Free delivery -- For shopping 300 !.J
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