Collection: TEREA IQOS

Terea is known as the richest variety of flavors of IQOS options. In the UAE, this IQOS variant has achieved a handsome amount of smokers, who are inhaling the IQOS regularly and enjoying a flavorful modern smoking experience. The top-notch technology of the device provides a user-friendly exclusive experience of smoking.

What is Terra IQOS?

When we talk about IQOS smoking, we already know that we are talking about a smoking experience; where the tobacco doesn't get burned but heated. On the two parts of the IQOS –

  1. IQOS device – The Terea IQOS device is basically known as IQOS ILUMA, and these heat sticks are designed to smoke with the IQOS ILUMA Terea device, there are also some varieties of the device available on the market. Maily, The IQOS ILUMA and the IQOS ILUMA ONE.

According to the user's needs, they can pick their suitable Terea ILUMA IQOS device.

Made with - Those IQOS devices as made with stainless steel from the inside and used as a metal heating element.

  1. Terea IQOS heat sticks- The heat sticks are tobacco sticks. Those are flavorful and nicotine is added with a different variant of tobacco, wrapped on special paper. Those Terea IQOS heat sticks are shorter than cigarette sticks.

How does the Terea IQOS ILUMA work?

To enjoy the smoking session, install the heat stick on the IQOS ILUMA and it will start heating the tobacco and enjoy your smoking time. The IQOS Terea doesn’t need constant cleaning but needs to charge the device to run. On one full charge you can heat 20 sticks ( It can be changed accounting to device capability).

Note – Terea has only 14 puffs on one single heat stick and needs to finish it by one. It’s not a reusable heat stick. It will be a 5-minute smoking session to experience. Each heat stick has a 0.5mg nicotine percentage per stick.

What are the flavors of Terea IQOS?

Terea IQOS has 9 different terea flavor range options which are also divided into 20 flavors. You can also break down those 20 flavors into small groups of flavors. These are – Menthol, Mint and Aromatic.

Some tea flavors are strong, some are light, and they produce less smoke and are small compared to traditional smoking. Each IQOS has its own specialty and aroma. Many flavors of these catagorie are exceptional and also loved by the people of UAE. And then the Vapes House has all of these demanded terea flavors in one chart.

Terea IQOS collection of Vapes House –

Let’s explore the list of the most demanded IQOS ILUMA  IQOS in our store, where we gather all the top-notch Terea IQOS  for our honorable customers. So that they never run out of their favorite smoking flavors. The collection of premium and pure IQOS  ILUMA Terea.

  • Amber Terea IQOS
  • Bronze Terea IQOS
  • Sienna Terea IQOS
  • Troqouise Terea IQOS
  • Green Zign Terea IQOS
  • Black Green Terea IQOS
  • Blue Terea IQOS
  • Bright Wave Terea IQOS
  • Apricity Dimension Terea IQOS
  • Dimensions Terea IQOS
  • Purple Wave Terea IQOS

Let’s know in detail about some of those Terea flavors-

Sienna Terea IQOS – The tobacco of Sienna Terea IQOS is toasted tobacco with woody and round. It provides a soft smoothie with light aroma notes. Which is refreshing and stress-relieving.

Turquoise Terea IQOS- The Turquoise terea flavor is a mint flavor with subtle spicy notes and a cooling sensation.

Amber Terea IQOS- Amber Terea IQOS is a rich IQOS flavor. It's roasted tobacco. And it is also known as the old classic terea. The Amber IQOS ILUMA has a strong sense and mild nutty notes of woody aroma; which took the experience of smoking to a new coloring aura.

Bronze Terea IQOS- The Bronze Terea has a great fanbase. Because the flavor comes from the coffee. It has the pure essence of roasted coffee, which is complemented by the sweet caramel note.

Bronze terea gives a bloom of flavor, keeps a person in a good mood, and is mostly the best choice for the coffee-lover. The rich blend of nicotine and roasted coffee makes it a masterpiece.

Dimensions Terea IQOS- Terea dimensions are a rich flavor of Terea IQOS. It literally makes a smoker addicted to Terea Dimension. It’s an all-day-long smoking solution and after smoking the Terea dimensions it gives an aromatic auro for a long time.

Purple Wave Terea IQOS – The king of fruity Terea flavors; it has a wild spice note of blueberry mixed with deep forest fruit flavors.The flavor is mostly well-known for its berries and fruit tastes. Soft smoky aroma, many people smoke it on their beginning IQOS journey.

Where to buy Terea IQOS online?

Searching for Terea near me can suggest an uncountable Terea store but in the digital world where everyone is buying terea online, who takes the trouble to go to the store physically?

Explore the buy terea online service provided by many IQOS stores in Dubai. But remember those stores need to follow all the legal conditions to sell and ensure that products are authentic.   

Why choose Vapes House to buy Terea online?

  • The vapes house has the latest collection of Terea IQOS.
  • The authentic and premium quality of heated IQOS devices and sticks.
  • We deliver our product within 2 hours in Dubai and 24 hours all over the UAE.
  • Fast response and 24/7 online helpline service to assist our clients.
  • A legal online tobacco store to buy any kind of smoking product including IQOS.


Living in a place like UAE, where people live their lives with luxury, how can you compromise with our smoking habit? It should also be a world-class experience. And the Terea IQOS is what you need. The modern science work on a handy device and flavorful options took tobacco inhalation into the next step.


Q: Is Terea IQOS better than HEETS?

A: You can not compare them, it depends on the consumer preferences.

Q: What is the difference between HEETS and TEREA?

A: Heets don’t provide a metal heating element but the Terea dose.