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Amber Terea IQOS

Amber Terea IQOS

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  • A pack containing 20 sticks for use, with IQOS ILUMA Kits
  • Designed exclusively for IQOS ILUMA, ILUMA ONE and ILUMA devices.
  • Replaceable sticks
  • Contains nicotine content.
  • The flavor profile includes toasted tobacco with hints of wood and nuts.
  • Manufactured at the PMI facility in Poland.


Indulge in the unique and flavorful experience of Amber Terea IQOS. These are crafted to complement the IQOS ILUMA Kits offering a satisfying alternative to smoking. Each stick presents a blend of tobacco intertwined with woody and nutty undertones delivering an enjoyable smoking sensation.

Popularity in Dubai: 

Amber Terea IQOS have gained popularity in Dubai due to their quality and distinctive flavor profile. In a city that values luxury and innovation, discerning smokers prefer Amber Terea for its tobacco essence enhanced by woody and nutty nuances. The compatibility with IQOS ILUMA Kits adds to its appeal among smokers seeking a gratifying smoking experience.

Why Choose Us? 

Choose our Amber Terea IQOS to savor top-notch quality and authenticity. Our IQOS are crafted at the PMI facility, in Poland, where we uphold stringent quality standards and ensure adherence to regulations. Enhance your smoking pleasure, with the Amber Terea IQOS available now.

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