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Blue Terea IQOS

Blue Terea IQOS

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  • Blue Color
  • Brand: Terea IQOS
  • Innovative Heat Not Burn Technology
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Fast and Effective Heating Capability
  • Compatible, with HEETS Tobacco Sticks


Experience a groundbreaking way to savor tobacco with the Blue Terea IQOS and its cutting-edge Heat Not Burn technology. Crafted for ease and effectiveness, this Iqos Blue Terea device warms tobacco sticks to generate vapor without burning resulting in a smoke free experience. Its durable battery ensures prolonged use while the rapid heating feature lets you indulge in your tobacco blend. 

Why is it Popular in Dubai?

The Blue Terea IQOS has captured attention in Dubai due to its approach to tobacco consumption. Reflecting Dubai’s embrace of modernity and tech advancements, Iqos Blue Terea device seamlessly fits into the city’s lifestyle ethos. Iqos Blue Terea’s design and top-notch performance have established it as a favored choice among discerning consumers in Dubai’s marketplace.

Why Choose Our Product?

By selecting the Blue Terea IQOS, from us you're not just investing in a premium offering. Also accessing customer service and assistance. We make customer satisfaction our priority, making sure you get your device on time and have all the support and information you require. 

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