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Heets - Amber Selection

Heets - Amber Selection

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Products highlights 

  • Its rich, tart tobacco soft flavor IQOS.
  •  In 6 minutes of smoking sessions, enjoy 14 puffs.
  • Wrapped in premium paper.
  • 20 heat sticks per packet.
  • HEETS Amber Selection Nicotine level is 0.5mg.
  •  Well strength and saturation IQOS.

Overview –

IQOS HEETS Amber Selection is an exclusive smoking experience. Its flavor gives a premium experience and leaves an aftertaste but the smell is the strongest of all. The flavor blooms in the mouth.

Aroma and flavor, together made a great strength level. It is mostly recommended for smokers who want to switch to IQOS immediately. It holds fewer chemicals than other tobacco sticks and is more risk-free. Being the most intense tobacco aroma and premium flavor IQOS, it become the most demanded IQOS in Dubai.

Flavor –

HEETS Amber Selection Flavor is a little unusual and rich. It's soft and has tart tobacco.

Aroma –

Amber selection has a clear aroma of woody and nutty notes on it. It leaves behind a pleasant aura of sweet and soft smell. Makes the mind fresh and stress-free.

Reason to choose us –

Buying HEETS Amber Selection from us can get you a high-quality product within hours. Even we solve every single little doubt within minutes. We aim to serve our honorable clients with the best. We ensure our customers' needs and product quality.

HEETS Amber selection Price – Dhs. 89.00 AED


  • Within 2 hours in Dubai and 24 hours outside Dubai.
  • Free delivery – For shopping 300 !.J
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