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Heets - Silver Selection

Heets - Silver Selection

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Products highlights 

  • Roasted soft tobacco for heating and smoking.
  • 20 heat sticks per packet.
  • 14 puffs at each stick.
  •  6 minutes smoking duration per stick.
  • Nicotine level 0.5 mg per stick.
  • Buy HEETS Silver Selection from Vapes House.

Overview – 

On the list of IQOS flavors, the Heets Silver has a great fanbase. It has a great mix as a breeze light tobacco; balanced and roasted. It’s a soft and mild IQOS. A great choice to smoke all day long. The smell is attractive and stays for a long time.

Most people who want to quit traditional smoking pick silver selection as their best option to switch on IQOS. Because it’s the best choice of hard tobacco for smokers; it's also much risk-free than traditional smoking.  

IQOS HEETS Silver Selection

  • Flavor –

The HEETS silver selection taste is mild with subtle herbal notes.

  • Aroma –

It has a mixed aroma of woody and nutty, that’s what makes it the most popular HEETS silver selection in Dubai.

Reason to choose us: 

We have been the legally licensed online seller of IQOS smoking products in UAE for a long time. With our responding helpline service and door-to-door product, supplying service makes are the most promising and trusted source of tobacco sellers on the market.

HEETS Silver Selection Price - Dhs.89.00 AED

Delivery –

  • Within 2 hours in Dubai.
  • Within 25 hours all over the United Arab Emirates.
  • Free delivery – For shopping 300 !.J
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