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VNSN QUAKE PRO 14000 LUSH ICE Disposable vape

VNSN QUAKE PRO 14000 LUSH ICE Disposable vape

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The VNSN QUAKE PRO 14000 LUSH ICE is the new generation disposable vape. The VSNS has been built with the latest technology. The outstanding build quality and mesmerizing flavor have made a huge fanbase in limited days. VNSN 14000 LUSH ICE produces 14,000 puffs in a single device with the help of a mesh coil and an e-liquid smoke-producing machine. Long-lasting battery backup and charged with type-C charging port.

The VNSN Quake 14000 lush ice vape device has a modern display screen and balanced nicotine performance that satisfies smokers to maintain their nicotine craving. It goes with smokers' lifestyle. Lightweight and handy vape device; so that anyone can easily carry one place to another. It can be the best vape you have ever smoked.

Product highlights

  • The authentic VNSN 14000 LUSH ICE vape.
  • LED display with airflow control.
  • Built with modern technology.
  • Has 5% nicotine.
  • Rechargeable with type-C port.

VSNS quake 14000 lush ice Flavor- It’s a liquid cooling and refreshing taste of watermelon. Which is the best taste to smoke to feel the summer vibe while inhaling nicotine inhalation!!

VNSN 14000 LUSH ICE Price – Dhs. 45.00 AED

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