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Vgod Stig Mighty Mint

Vgod Stig Mighty Mint

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Dive into VGOD STIG Mighty Mint Pods, a top pick among Dubai vapers. With its cool mint blast and easy-to-use Disposable style, it's a vaping delight. Find out why Vapes House is the spot for your VGOD STIG needs in Dubai.

Why's it a hit in Dubai?

VGOD STIG Mighty Mint are a Dubai sensation with their cool mint kick and no-fuss design. The minty goodness, mixed with a hint of menthol, is a hit for vapers who crave an enjoyable all-day vape. Plus, the disposable setup adds to the appeal for Dubai's vaping enthusiasts.

Why Vapes House in Dubai?

Vapes House is your go-to for mighty mint stig in Dubai. Here's why:

  1. Real Deal Guarantee: Vapes House ensures your VGOD STIG pods are the real deal, giving you authenticity and quality.
  1. Flavor Fiesta: Explore Vapes House for a range of vgod stig mighty mint flavors, meeting the diverse tastes of Dubai vapers.
  1. Easy Peasy Ordering: Vapes House's website makes ordering stig mighty mint a breeze, making your shopping smooth.
  1. Speedy Delivery: Count on Vapes House for quick and reliable delivery, ensuring your VGOD STIG pods reach you in a jiffy.
  1. Awesome Support: Vapes House values customer happiness, offering responsive and friendly support for any questions or help needed.


  • Disposable – Use and toss, no recharging or refilling
  • 60mg Nicotine Strength
  • Around 20 Cigarettes per Pack
  • Approximately 300 Puffs
  • Draw-Activated - Just puff and go
  • Pack of Three Pods
  • Flavors: Mighty Mint, Tropical Mango, Lush Ice, VGOD Cubano, Mango Bomb ICED

Includes: 3 STIG Disposable Pod Devices


  • Pocket-Friendly: Small and easy to carry, perfect for vaping on the move.
  • Zero Maintenance: Vgod stig disposable pod device mighty mint has no refills or recharging hassle, keeping it simple.
  • Flavor Galore: Pick from a variety of exciting flavors to match your taste.
  • Nicotine Punch: With 60mg nicotine, it kicks cravings effectively.
  • Easy Peasy: Draw-activated firing makes it a breeze to use.
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