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Product Specifications:

  •  Capable of delivering, up to 4,000 puffs with a capacity
  •  Contains 5% salt nicotine
  •  Manufactured in China
  • USB Type C rechargeable (charging cable not included)
  • Ingredients include Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine (5.0%) and a blend of Natural & Artificial Flavors

Product Description:

Experience the exquisite flavor of 4K MANGO BOMB ICE. This disposable vape device offers a vaping experience melding mangoes with a refreshing icy touch. Crafted for precision and excellence it's the choice for vapers valuing convenience without compromising on taste.

VGOD Pod 1K Iced Mango Bomb is renowned for its sweetness and cooling effect. Whether you adore mango flavors or seek a revitalizing vape encounter this flavor is truly worth experiencing. 

Reasons for Popularity in Dubai:

In Dubai, the VGOD Pod 1K Iced Mango Bomb garners acclaim for its tier quality and exotic flavor fusion. Indulging in the blend of mangoes and refreshing coolness is a favorite for vapers looking to escape to a tropical paradise in the bustling city of Dubai.

Why Pick Us?

Opt for VGOD for quality and cutting-edge creativity. Our VGOD Pod 1K Iced Mango Bomb Disposable Vape promises a flavor adventure and effortless usability making it an ideal selection for vapers on the move. With our dedication to perfection and a diverse array of flavor choices, we guarantee a vaping experience with every inhale. Embark on a vaping voyage, with 4K MANGO BOMB ICE today!
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