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Vgod Pod 1k Lush Ice

Vgod Pod 1k Lush Ice

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  •  Nicotine Level: 50MG
  •  Pod Capacity: 4ml
  •  Usage Duration: Around 1000 puffs
  •  Includes 1 device in the packTaste Profile: Watermelon and Menthol
  •  Easy, to Use All In One Vaping Device
  •  Content: Salt Nicotine
  •  Single-Use Pod System

Product Description: 

Experience the fusion of watermelon and menthol with the Vgod Pod 1k Lush Ice. This disposable vaping gadget ensures a Vgod Pod 1k Lush Ice 20mg vaping journey with its filled e-liquid and all-in-one setup. Packed with a nicotine hit of 50mg each puff delivers a burst of flavor and nicotine satisfaction.

The Pod 1k Lush Ice system is crafted for ease of use and portability. Its compact size and lightweight design make it perfect for vaping on the go. Simply take a breath to activate the VGOD POD 1K 20mg device relishing up to 1000 puffs before disposal.

Why is it popular in Dubai? 

The Vgod Pod 1k Lush Ice has gained fame in Dubai for its user nature, exceptional taste profile and elevated nicotine strength. The watermelon and menthol blend caters to vapers looking for a vaping experience well suited to Dubai's warm weather conditions.

What Makes Us Stand Out? 

Choose Vgod Pod 1k Lush Ice flavors to enhance your vaping journey. Our god Pod 1k Lush Ice 20 mg provides a taste of effortless functionality and extended durability. By prioritizing excellence and meeting customer needs we guarantee a vaping adventure, with each inhale. Enhance your vaping pleasure with Vgod Pod 1k Lush Ice flavors now!

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