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Dive into VGOD Mighty Mint Salt Nic - a 30ml bottle with pure minty vibes. This e-liquid is the talk of Dubai, pleasing vape lovers who want a tasty and easy flavor kick.

Why's it Dubai's jam?

In Dubai's fancy scene, VGOD Mighty Mint is a hit. The hot weather vibes all year make minty freshness a top pick. The cool blast and great taste make it the perfect break in the city hustle.

Why Vapes House, you ask?

Vapes House in Dubai is your spot for VGOD Pod 1K Mighty Mint. Quick delivery to Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi - ensuring you get your minty fix pronto. No worries about authenticity and quality – just pure vaping joy.


  1. Brand: VGOD
  2. Flavor: Mint
  3. VG/PG Ratio: 70%/30%
  4. Size: 30ml
  5. Nicotine Strength: Do it your way
  6. Cooling Sensation: Minty chill
  7. Packaging: Locked 30ml bottle
  8. Origin: USA
  9. Compatibility: Fits all vape buddies
  10. Production Standards: Top-notch ingredients
  11. Aroma: Minty vibes
  12. Shelf Life: Freshness forever


Authentic Minty Vibes:

VGOD Pod 1K Mighty Mint Salt Nic rocks the legit mint feels – it's like a totally fresh mint explosion. Imagine vaping on leaves straight from the mint garden; that's the crispy, cool kick you get with every inhale. Mint fanatics, this one's your jam!

Ultra-Chill Clouds:

Vgod mighty mint brings the vapor game with a 70/30 VG/PG dance, giving you those silky clouds that slide in smoothly. More VG means thicker clouds, and the just-right PG keeps that throat hit in the sweet spot. It's like a cloud party for flavor lovers and cloud chasers alike!

Nicotine Vibes, Your Way:

VGOD gets you, and Mighty Mint Salt Nic is all about that nicotine personalization. Whether you want a gentle hit or a full-on nic buzz, this e-liquid lets you control the vibe. Your vaping journey, your rules – Mighty Mint is your customizable sidekick.

30ml, Compact Coolness:

Check out Vgod mighty mint salt nic in its 30ml swagger – the perfect mix of easy to carry and long-lasting fun. Toss it in your pocket; it's the ultimate on-the-go wingman. Small size, big minty energy – never be without your minty fix wherever you roam.

VGOD Vibes, Real Talk:

Vgod saltnic mighty mint? They're the vape MVPs, consistently dropping top-tier e-liquids that hit all the right notes. Mighty Mint Salt Nic? Pure VGOD greatness. Trust the OGs – they craft with precision, using top-notch ingredients for a next-level vape sesh. When you roll VGOD, you choose a brand about customer joy and rock-solid quality. Mighty Mint – where satisfaction meets reliability, all thanks to the vgod mighty mint legacy.


  • Can I tweak the nicotine?
      • Absolutely! VGOD Myle mighty mint pods lets you dial in your nicotine hit.
  • Is it suitable for all vape devices?
      • This e-liquid vibes with all vape gadgets - versatility at its best.
  • Where's it made?
      • USA all the way! VGOD Saltnic mighty mint is born and raised in the land of freedom.
  • Does it cool down the game?
      • Oh yes, expect a minty fresh breeze with every puff - that's the cool factor.
  • How long's the 30ml party?
    • Party on! The 30ml size promises a lasting minty blast - freshness that hangs around.
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