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Summer Menthol JUUL 2 pods 18%

Summer Menthol JUUL 2 pods 18%

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Dive into icy freshness with the Summer menthol Juul 2 pod 18%. It's the talk of the vaping scene in Dubai. As the heat spikes, savor the unique blend of thick tobacco and tangy green apple. See why this flavor is a hit in Dubai and why Vapes House is your go-to for the ultimate vaping experience.

Why Dubai Loves It:

In Dubai's sun-soaked hustle, everyone craves a cool vaping escape. Summer menthol Juul 2 pod 18% wins hearts with its refreshing combo. Thick tobacco meets zesty green apple, giving a taste that breaks the norm.

Why Vapes House - Dubai?

Vapes House rocks as the top spot for the Juul 2 pod Summer menthol 18% in Dubai, and for good reasons. They're all about quality and happy customers, ensuring your shopping is smooth.


  1. Pod Capacity: 1.2 mL in each JUUL 2 Kit pod.
  2. Nicotine Concentration: 18 mg/mL.
  3. Total Nicotine: 21.6 mg per JUUL 2 Kit pod.
  4. Two pods in each bundle.
  5. JUUL gadget, a cool upgrade.
  6. Result of years of research for max performance.
  7. Loads of quirky flavors to try.
  8. Made for adult smokers who know their stuff.
  9. Earthy tobacco + tangy green apple magic.
  10. Fruity twist for extra sweetness.
  11. Throat hit like the Virginia Tobacco pods.
  12. Cash on delivery and free shipping on 75 AED+ orders.


  1. Pod Summer menthol flavour: Enjoy tobacco and green apple for a refreshing vaping experience.
  2. Optimal Nicotine: At 18 mg/mL, the JUUL 2 Kit hits the spot without going overboard.
  3. Top Quality: Crafted after years of research for superior performance and flavor.
  4. Handy Bundle: Get two pods for non-stop enjoyment.
  5. Easy Shopping: Vapes House offers cash on delivery and free shipping on 75 AED+ orders, making it a breeze.
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