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Stig Lush Ice

Stig Lush Ice

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Short Details:

  • Nicotine Concentration: 2-6%
  • SaltNic Juice: 1.2 ml per disposable
  • Puffs per Disposable: 300
  •  Packaging: Each packet contains 3 STIG

Experience the level of vaping with the STIG Lush Ice by VGOD—a disposable device that combines convenience, satisfaction, and flavour. This sleek device is designed to provide a tailored experience, for every user offering nicotine concentrations ranging from 2 to 6%. With 1.2 ml of high-quality SaltNic Juice prepare yourself for a journey of flavours and enjoyment. Get ready to savour up to 300 flavourful puffs with each STIG making it the perfect choice for those on the go.

Key Features: 

  • Effortless Convenience: No need to worry about charging or refilling; simply. Enjoy.
  •  Customizable Nicotine Levels; Personalize your vaping experience by selecting your preferred nicotine concentration.
  • Compact and Portable; Designed with both convenience and style in mind; easy to carry wherever you go.
  • Extended Satisfaction; Enjoy a vaping experience with up to 300 puffs, per disposable.

Stig Lush Ice: Immerse yourself in a symphony of watermelon and mixed melons, with each puff of this delight. It's like a breeze on a day offering a smooth and revitalizing vaping experience.

Stig Cubano: Indulge your senses with the Flavors of a cigar, complemented by a hint of creamy vanilla. This blend is designed to provide satisfaction and elevate your vaping journey. Enjoy the taste with the convenience of a three pack.

Stig Tropical Mango: Transport yourself to paradise with the tangy Flavors of ripe mangoes. Experience the burst of fruity goodness that will tantalize your palate.

Stig Mighty Mint: Experience the invigorating sensation of mint infused with just the right touch of menthol. Every puff delivers a breeze that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Stig Crisp Apple: Enjoy the juicy vaping experience offered by orchard apples. Immerse yourself in apple essence with every 1.2ml STIG pod for a sensory adventure in fruity delight.

Stig Dry Tobacco: Indulge in timeless elegance with this blend of tobacco flavours that offer a smooth and rich vaping experience, for those who appreciate sophistication.

Stig Mango Bomb ICED: Indulge, in the exhilarating blend of tangy mango complemented by a menthol touch. Each 1.2ml STIG pod offers a delight that keeps you satisfied.

Stig Watermelon Ice: Satisfy your thirst with the invigorating coolness of watermelon and a medley of melons. Experience a burst of freshness with every puff treating your senses to a fruity vaping sensation. 

Why Buy?

VGOD STIG offers a hassle-premium vaping experience that caters to both beginners and experienced enthusiasts. With its flavour options, there is a STIG flavour for every preference imaginable. Discover the joy and simplicity of vaping without the complexities associated with devices—satisfaction delivered in a compact package.

Why Choose our Vape House?

At our company, we take pride in offering high-quality STIG Lush Ice by VGOD guaranteeing an exceptional vaping experience. We prioritise delivery and competitive prices. Ensuring customer satisfaction. When it comes to your vaping journey trust us to provide an enjoyable experience. Elevate your vaping game, with STIG Lush Ice —your gateway, to satisfaction is a puff away!

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