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MYLE v5 sweet tobacco

MYLE v5 sweet tobacco

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Product Highlights:

  •  The meta pod system MYLE v5 sweet tobacco.
  •  Comes in 2x pods in one pack.
  • 50ml/mg with the authentic salt nicotine on it.
  • Pure flavor of sweet tobacco Myle pod.
  • A high technology 2ml, mesh coil pod.
  •  60-watt 850mAH battery MYLE v5 sweet tobacco.
  • The large tank has 2500 puffs to enjoy.


MYLE v5 sweet tobacco is one of the most modern and updated disposable pads. It has a well 7 shaped body which gives the consumer extra care. The meta-system MYLE v5 sweet tobacco pod has authentic salt nicotine with a 2ml mesh coil.  For the fruity flavor, it has a natural sugar sweetness; which is blended well with tobacco. MYLE sweet tobacco disposable pods have a long-term battery backup with large tank pods. The anti-lack body of a secure smoking experience.

Flavors: The MYLE v5 sweet tobacco v5 is available in 12 types of varieties flavors. Such as – 6 different flavors of White Gummy and Aloe grape and the other 6 different flavors are Iecd mint and Los Ice.

Why is it Popular in Dubai?

Dubai people lead a luxurious life and the Myle pod sweet tobacco suits their smoking taste and lifestyle. For the comfortable shape and look sweet tobacco myle gained popularity in Dubai, UAE. The significant feature and the sweet tobacco flavor have blended in a modern design on Myle v5 sweet tobacco, which is unbeatable compared to other devices.

Reasons to Choose Us:

Swift Delivery: To get your sweet tobacco Myle click on the purchase button and it will be on your doorstep within 2 hours in Dubai and outside Dubai it's just 24 hours matter of time.

Outstanding Customer Service: We serve to reach our customers' expectations with our fast delivery system and authentic premium products. With our 24/7 helpline service, you will be assisted until you get the product in your hand.

Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How many devices are included in a pack of MYLE v5 sweet tobacco pod ?

A: Each pack contains two 2mL Myle sweet tobacco devices.

Q: What nicotine levels are available for Myle pod sweet tobacco?

A: The nicotine is 5% or 2% percent with MYLE sweet tobacco

Q: How much is MYLE v5 sweet tobacco?

A: Myle pod sweet tobacco Price is Dhs. 45.00 AED.


To take your smoking experience to the next level, try the Myle pod sweet tobacco. Especially for raw tobacco smokers, the MYLE sweet tobacco pod will be a new and erotic experience of smoking. 

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