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MYLE V5 Pink Lemonade

MYLE V5 Pink Lemonade

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Product Highlights:

  • MYLE V5 Pink Lemonade is a flavorful meta-disposable pod.
  • A great anti-lack isolated electronic device.
  • Has an LED screen to see the puff count and battery life.
  • The MYLE V5 Pink Lemonade is available in 4 different colors.
  •  2 pods per pack which is up to 2000 puffs.
  • Has 2% to 5% salt nicotine on it.


Pink mini lemonade Myle pod carries the Myle pod legacy with all the advanced premium features. On the new pack of MYLE V5 Pink Lemonade, get 2 pods per pack with the capacity of 2ml tank per pack; which provides uninterpreted 2000 puffs in minimum counts. The Myle disposable pink lemonade is a slim anti-lack isolated body with smart screen features; where you can track your device use. The MYLE V5 Pink Lemonade gives a refreshing taste great with a cloudy smoking experience.

Flavors: The flavor of Myle pink lemonade is refreshing tart and a little sweet because of the use of sugary lemon.

Why should you smoke Pink lemonade Myle pod?

To inhale the soft sweet fruity flavors with mixed nicotine for a long day the MYLE V5 Pink Lemonade is the best choice. It’s a modern technology meta-pod with salt nicotine of 2% to 5% blended into a sweet lemonade flavor. Gives a refreshing vibe of a premium vaping experience. As a highly protected body with digitized features, it will take your Myle pod smoking to new heights.

Reasons to Choose Us:

We ensure the premium quality of our product with the fastest delivery system in UAE and 24/7 ready to assist you with every complication.

Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What is the nicotine percentage of Pink lemonade Myle pod?

A: Pink lemonade Myle pod has 5% or 2% percent nicotine.

Q: What is the watt and battery life of the MYLE V5 Pink Lemonade?

A: Pink lemonade Myle pod is 60 watt, 850mAh battery.

Q: Does the Myle v5 Pink Lemonade pod come in different variant devices?

A: Yes, it also comes in different variant devices with the same flavor.

Q: How much is Myle Pink Lemonade pod?

A: MYLE V5 Pink Lemonade price is Dhs. 45.00 AED.


If you also don’t want to miss the opportunity to try this amazing pink lemonade Myle pod then order now. And step up your vaping experience to a new level. Enjoy the Myle disposable lemonade pod for a better vape experience.

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