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Myle v5 meta box Malaysian Mango

Myle v5 meta box Malaysian Mango

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Get lost in the MYLÉ v5 Meta Box Malaysian Mango world – a Dubai sensation! Bursting with ripe mango sweetness, this Myle Meta Box Iced Mint promises a taste like never before. Let's see why Dubai loves it, Myle meta box Malaysian mango review and why Vapes House is your go-to for this vaping gem.

Why Myle v5 meta box Malaysian Mango Dubai Hit?

In Dubai's chic scene, MYLÉ Meta Box Malaysian Mango rules. Its exotic flavors match diverse tastes, and the sleek design makes it a style statement for trendy vapers.

Why Vapes House Rocks in Dubai?

Vapes House is your spot for MYLÉ v5 Meta Box Malaysian Mango in Dubai. Quality and customer care are priorities. Choose Vapes House for a seamless shopping journey, quick deliveries, and vaping expertise.


  • 12ml tank for long vaping.
  • Epic 5000 puffs!
  • Mesh coil magic for consistent taste.
  • Handy square design.
  • Soft-touch feel.
  • Comfy rubberized mouthpiece.
  • Myle Meta Box charging - 400mah battery for more action.
  • Largest MYLÉ Meta Box tank.
  • 12 intense flavors.
  • 2% or 5% nicotine choices.
  • Fully disposable ease.
  • Minimal waste design.


Tropical Bliss Vaping:

Dive into MYLÉ v5 Meta Box Malaysian Mango for a wild mango ride! Each hit is a tropical explosion, delivering sweet satisfaction to thrill-seeking vapers.

5000 Puffs Marathon:

Outlast the rest with MYLÉ Meta Box's jaw-dropping 5000 puffs! No more constant swaps – it's the marathoner's dream, keeping you puffing for ages.

Pocket-Friendly Stealth:

Sneaky and stylish, MYLÉ v5 Meta Box rocks a discreet square look. Slip it in your pocket or bag; it's the undercover agent of vaping – sleek, small, and cool.

Recharge, Repeat, Relax:

Power up with MYLÉ Meta Box's 400mAh battery. One charge, endless enjoyment! Rechargeable and reliable, it's the stress-free vaping companion.

Flavor Fiesta Variety:

MYLÉ Meta Box's Malaysian Mango is just the start! Explore 12 intense flavors – fruity, menthol, dessert. Personalize your puff, be your vaping boss!


  • How long does the MYLÉ Meta Box Malaysian Mango last?
    • With an impressive 5000 puffs, it offers a prolonged vaping experience.
  • Is the device rechargeable?
    • Yes, the MYLÉ v5 Meta Box comes with a 400mah rechargeable battery for extended use.
  • Can I choose a different nicotine level?
    • Certainly! You have the option of 2% or 5% nicotine levels to match your preference.
  • Are there other flavors available?
    • Yes, Malaysian Mango Elf Bar offers 12 super tasty and intense flavors for variety.
  • How discreet is the design of the MYLÉ Meta Box?
    • The compact square design ensures portability and discretion for stylish vaping.
  • What is MYLE meta box Malaysian mango price?
    • Around 19 USD if you buy online.

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