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MYLE v5 Georgia peach

MYLE v5 Georgia peach

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Product Highlights:

  • A pack of 2x Myle disposable peach pods.
  •  Authentic flavor of Myle peach Georgia in a pod.
  • Premium E-liquid, made in Canada.
  • 50ml pure salt nicotine Myle disposable peach pod.
  • At least 2000 puffs at a Myle peach pod.
  •  2ml mesh coil Myle disposable peach.


MYLE v5 peach is a soft fruity Disposable Myle peach pod; which is a 2ml tank per pod boosting inhaling pod. With a minimum of 2000 puff, it will create voluminous clouds. Slim shaped thin anti-lack isolated body with a smart display; where you can check watt, battery level, puff count, and more. Myle peach pod sweet smoothie flavor; this Myly peach pod will take the smoking experience to new heights.

Flavors: The Myle pod Georgia peach is for people who love to try fruity flavors with nicotine. Myle Georgia peach pod test is sweet, mellow, and smooth. Gives a taste of the authentic flavor of peach myle. The Myle disposable peach holds 12% flavor of Georgia peach and a small amount of nicotine; which can be 2% to 5%. 

Why is the Myle Georgia peach pod popular?

For the refreshingly light flavor, the Myle disposable peach has a great fan base in youngsters. Comfortable to carry in a pocket and gives a great outlook in hand. The aroma of Myle pod peach helps to be stress-free, which is needed for UAE civilians. Being an all-day-smoking device the peach Myle v5 pod comes at the top of people's choice.

Reasons to Choose Us:

We provide the 100% premium flavor pod with a guarantee. Our helpline guides you to purchase and pick the best product for you. Within 2 hours we reach our honorable customers by bringing their wanted disposable pods in Dubai.

Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Is that a single Mylepeach pod device?

A: Each pack contains one device of two 2mL Myle Georgia peach pods.

Q: What is the nicotine percentage of Myle Georgia peach pod?

A: The salt nicotine is 5% or 2% percent in Myle peach v5 pod.

 Q: How many puffs can I enjoy in one?

A: Myle Georgia peach pod has at least 2000 puffs coil per pod.

Q: How much is Myle Georgia peach pod?

A: Myle Georgia peach pod Price is Dhs. 45.00 AED.


If you have not tried the Myle Georgia peach pod yet, it’s a must-recommended myle peach for you. To experience a new vape smoking habit, order the Peach Myle v5 and feel the refreshment with a sweet fruity flavor.

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