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juul 2 pod Virginia tobacco 18%

juul 2 pod Virginia tobacco 18%

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Dive into tradition with Juul 2 Virginia tobacco – a blend of tradition and innovation. In Dubai, these pods go beyond expectations, captivating those switching from cigarettes. Immerse in the rich aroma of quality tobacco, curated for an experience that rivals the finest.

Why's it a Dubai favorite?

In Dubai, Juul 2 Virginia tobacco symbolizes sophistication. As vaping replaces smoking, the desire for tobacco scent persists. JUUL's pods meet this craving, offering an aromatic experience loved by Dubai's vapers.

Why Vapes House in Dubai?

Vapes House is Dubai's vaping haven. Choosing juul virginia tobacco pods here ensures authenticity and satisfaction. With a commitment to excellence, Vapes House offers genuine products, secure transactions, and prompt delivery.


  1. Premium JUUL salt e-liquid pods
  2. Robust Virginia tobacco flavor
  3. Four pods per package
  4. Each pod: 0.7ml e-liquid nicotine salt
  5. 5% nicotine for optimal experience
  6. Approx. 200 puffs per pod
  7. Crafted with steam technology
  8. Proprietary blend of natural oils, teas, flavors, glycerin, and propylene glycol
  9. Contains benzoic acid for smooth delivery
  10. Designed for incredible flavor
  11. Hand-selected ingredients for satisfaction
  12. Genuine JUUL product at Vapes House – Dubai


Genuine Tobacco Bliss:

Dive into the true Juul 2 Virginia tobacco vibe with each puff. These Juul pods nail that classic tobacco taste for enthusiasts who savor the real deal.

Easy-Peasy Packaging:

Juul 2 virginia tobacco keeps it simple. Four pods per pack mean less fuss, more vaping. Perfect for on-the-go, no-nonsense vapers.

Nicotine Bliss:

Packed with 5% nicotine, these Virginia Tobacco JUUL pods 2 hit the spot. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned vaper, get ready for a smooth, satisfying kick.

Crafted with Finesse:

Our Virginia Tobacco JUUL 2 pods are a work of art. State-of-the-art steam tech, natural oils, and a dash of science create a consistent and premium vaping experience.

Vapes House Vibe:

Get your Virginia Tobacco JUUL 2 pods from Vapes House Dubai. We're the go-to for genuine JUUL. Trustworthy, prompt, and a guarantee for vaping satisfaction.


Hand-roll fans love Golden Virginia tobacco, made by Imperial Tobacco. In UAE's Dubai Duty Free, it's AED 185 for 10 packs (50g) or AED 98 for 5 packs. Prices fluctuate, so keep tabs. Customs rules on tobacco imports at your destination matter too!

What is golden Virginia rolling tobacco?

Roll-your-own fans love Golden Virginia, an English-made hand-rolling tobacco. Imperial Brands crafts this blend since 1877, mixing Virginia, burley, and oriental tobaccos. Sold in 30g and 50g pouches across Europe, it's perfect for DIY cigarettes. Try Original, Yellow, Sunrise, or Midnight for a unique twist!


Canadian Virginia Tobacco Ltd makes all sorts of cigarettes—king size, slim size, even nano size. Started back in 2010, chilling in Dubai. Super committed to top-notch quality and corporate vibes. Got a cool team led by Mr. Atul Chaurasia, Mr. Ritul Chaurasia, and Mr. Vaibhav Chaurasia. 


  • How many Juul 2 Virginia tobacco in a package?
    • Four premium pods in each Virginia Tobacco Juul Pods package.

  • What's the nicotine content?
    • 5% nicotine for a satisfying experience.

  • How many puffs can I expect per pod?
    • Around 200 puffs per pod, for lasting enjoyment.

  • Are these pods compatible with all JUUL devices?
    • Yes, designed for all JUUL devices.

  • Does Vapes House provide free shipping?
    • Yes, enjoy free shipping on orders over 400 AED in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi.

  • Where to buy golden Virginia tobacco in Dubai?
    • You can buy virginia tobacco from our website any time.

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